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  • Amazing Photos That Show History As You’ve Never Seen It Before

    History class can be notoriously boring; It’s often just a constant barrage of pointless names and dates that people have never heard of. The whole thing can be totally overwhelming and hard to relate to. No wonder kids find it dry! But if you think about it and have a hard look at what really […]

  • The First Color Photographs Of America From 1888!

    These are probably the first color photographs of the United States, created by the Detroit Photographic Company between 1888 and 1924! The photographs taken with a photolithographic process, 20 years before the invention of the autochrome, and coming from the Collection Mark Walter, which allowed people to discover for the first time images of the “new world”. Taschen has just published […]

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  • 31 Rolls Of Undeveloped Never Seen Before Film From World War II

    American photographer Levi Bettweiser recently saved a batch of 31 rolls of undeveloped film made by a soldier during World War II. He started the Rescued Film Project which sees him develop the 70 year old film and publishes these amazing historical photographs. Via Rescued Film Project

  • Amazing Historical Photos Of The World’s Landmarks While Being Constructed

    The world’s most iconic landmarks are a big draw for tourists from around the world. But they are not only tourist attractions, they are also historical landmarks that serve as a milestone in history for a remarkable event in time. Washington Monument, ca. 1860 Library of Congress Photographers love landmarks, especially the challenge to capture it differently […]

  • The Rich And Tragic History Of New York Replaced In Present Photos

    Below is a series of photographs that show the tragic history of New York which has been replaced by photos of today. They are the work of American photojournalist Marc Hermann. He was able to decipher crime scenes and disaster scenes that were documented in photos from the New York Daily news archives. Hermann was then […]

  • How Much Has China Changed In 100 years?

    The photographer Dheera Venkatraman thought it would be a great idea to document the evolution of China over the past 100 years. He found old photographs and compared them with images he took of the same area. After years of hyper growth, industrialization, urbanization and unbridled development, today China is a completely terrain. \ Via Petapixel

  • This Guy Visits Locations Of Famous Movies To Compare How They Look Now

    Phil Grishayev revisited movie and historic locations and posted them on Instagram for general enjoyment of all cinemaphiles. #filmlocation from #FightClub starring #edwardnorton , #helenabonhamcarter and #bradpitt . #90s #movies #davidfincher #losangeles #la #cinematography #follow #torq #любимоедело A photo posted by Phil Grishayev (@phil_grishayev) on Jun 1, 2016 at 9:28am PDT #filmlocation from #Ghostbusters II […]

  • 100 Years Of Zombie Evolution In One Minute

    Have a look at this video that shows the evolution of zombies within pop culture. They have explored the different types of zombies and what they have looked like throughout the last 100 years. Its awesome to see how much they have changed from a slow zombie through to a fast zombie that is very aggressive […]