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  • Drone Surfing – Surfing using a drone

    Checkout the new craze Drone Surfing, a sport that takes the concept of wakeboarding and kitesurfing, but pulled by a drone! An experiment conducted to boast the power of the drone Freefly ALTA 8, an octocopter dedicated to professionals and capable of carrying the heaviest cameras. Soon to be a very popular sport?

  • The Antique Vibrator Museum Full Of Vintage Sex Toys!

    The “Good Vibrations Antique Vibrator Museum” of San Francisco is a museum dedicated to the history of vibrators, which offers to its visitors a collection of vintage sex toys from the late 1800s to the 1970s. Manual or electric models, some amazing ancestors of our modern sex toys! Via Good Vibrations Antique Vibrator Museum

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  • A Sex Toy Called Lovely That Measures And Improves Your Sexual Performance!

    Lovely is a new connected sex toy designed to measure your sexual performance. Connected to your smartphone, it will measure indeed the duration of your sexual intercourse and analyze your movements. The Lovely can then help you improve as it gives advice, recommends positions to try and even lets you know how many calories you burned during […]

  • Want A Giant Cockroach In Your Swimming Pool?

    After the inflatable pizza, the giant emoji poop and the Giant Donut tube, here is a new strange and quirky accessory for your swimming pool: the pool float shaped as a giant cockroach. Why? Well, why not? Via Kangaroo (Amazon)

  • The Ehang 184 – Will This Autonomous Drone Be The Future Of Transportation?

    This is the Ehang 184, a giant autonomous drone capable of carrying people! While camera drones are now widely used, Chinese company Ehang created this new vehicle taking full advantage of existing drones, starting with the ease of use. This concept of a flying car with eight propellers will be able to transport a person for 23 minutes within a […]

  • Some Very Weird, Funny & Cool Sexual Gadgets

    SexFit: A pedometer for your penis I’m sure it was only a matter of time before wearable technology moved from people’s heads and wrists and ventured downstairs. British adult retailer Bondara is leading the charge, with this prototype activity tracker and sex toy. The SexFit is a ring that sits at the base of the […]

  • Kickstarter Has A Revolutionary Bike Called The Cyclotron Bike

    This is the Cyclotron Bike, a futuristic and revolutionary electric bike which just appeared on Kickstarter. It’s not a simple concept of connected bike, since a fully functional prototype has already been achieved, as can be seen on the video. But, what you do notice immediately with the Cyclotron Bike is its amazing system of wheels that don’t have […]

  • The Recyclable Gadget That Allows Women To Pee Standing Up

    “Stand Up” is a small gadget designed to allow women to pee standing up, thus avoiding the problem of filthy public toilets… Stand Up is actually a small cone made of cardboard with a very simple design, which allows the user to urinate standing up, i know the concept is not new, but it has the merit […]

  • The Mindblowing Project Xray – A Demonstration Of The Microsoft HoloLens

    Microsoft has unveiled its new Project Xray at its last conference, with a demonstration of its HoloLens, a system that mixes virtual reality and augmented reality to give life to 3D elements directly in your environment. Xray is a game prototype that takes full advantage of the ability of the new technology HoloLens, filling the demonstration area […]