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  • Some Hilarious Masturbation Euphemisms From Around The World

    Ah yes, masturbation… It’s the one activity we all do, and it’s also the one activity we won’t admit to doing. Depending on which country you’re in at the moment, the act may go by a totally different and unique name. For example, in Sweden, you’ll be “waxing the salmon”. Meanwhile, in Romania you’d refer […]

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  • When Adult Stars Discuss Their Creepiest & Weirdest Fan Experiences

    On this episode of Ask A Porn Star, some of the industries bigger stars reveal their weirdest and craziest fan experiences. Featuring Kassondra Raine, Kimberly Kane, Tommy Pistol and Cadence Lux, there’s more than a few creepy stories to freak you the fuck out.

  • So It Turns Out Working With Jigsaw From SAW Is Not A Great Idea

    Whomever dreamed up this skit deserves a round of applause. Who would have thought putting the evil mastermind Jigsaw from horror franchise SAW into an office environment could be so hilarious? This needs to be turned into a sitcom. We’d totally watch it.

  • 2016’s Most Controversial And Banned Commercials All In One Video

    Have we all become too concerned with being overly politically correct, too sanitized and worried about offending people? Should we allow humor and creativity flow or should it be regulated and censored? Here’s a selection of the years most controversial clips which have been banned public view. Do you think they deserved to be aired?

  • Some Of The Hottest Cosplay From This Years New York Comic Con

    New York Comic Con featured awesome cosplay from comic books, movies, tv shows, books, anime and video games. But in among all the characters, villains and superheros there’s a few that really stand out above all others. This clip is quick compilation of some of the best outfits from the event itself. So much fun.

  • Some Of The Worst Tattoos That Will Make You Facepalm

    So, how hard is it to proofread something that is going on your body forever? Secondly, if you made a minor spelling mistake surely your tattoo artist would notice? Or do they simply ink the design you give them? So much confusion and so many terrible outcomes… 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. […]

  • A Translator For Men To Understand What Women Really Mean!

    “The Manslater” is a funny fictive gadget that could help many men understand women! Ladies do not worry, this gadget also works the other way, and you will also understand what men want to say … A pretty funny video!  

  • Fake Brands So Bad They’re Good!

    If you go into any supermarket usually you’ll find generic products available alongside regular brands, often at vastly cheaper prices too. So what’s wrong with a bit of competition right? After all, do those corn flakes taste any different because of the logo on the box? But then there are those sneaky manufactures, who ride […]

  • The Incredible Illusions And Unexplainable Magic Tricks Of Dynamo

    33-Year-old Steven Frayne, commonly known by his stage name “Dynamo”, is an English magician who constantly astounds and surprises the public with his illusions and tricks. Checkout these 10 impressive magic tricks that will leave you totally confused and awe-stuck. How the hell does he do it?