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  • Take A Look Inside Donald Trump’s Ridiculous Gold-Plated Plane

    Amanda Miller gives you a quick tour of Mr. Trump’s 757. It’s everything you’d expect from the man himself. 24ct gold seat belts, acres of space, a huge lounge with a giant TV screen and room for up to 43 guests. As for the powerful engines? They’ve been finely crafted by Rolls Royce – would […]

  • Checkout The World’s Biggest Lube Slide!

    To celebrate the launch of Pornhub’s brand spankin’ new line of personal lubricants, they partied with over 100 gallons of lube, tons of sexy people and a huge slide. Porn stars Alix Lynx,Cherie Deville, Peta Jensen, Abigail Mac, Raven Bay, Rachel Roxxx, Alexis Fawx, Alex Grey and Blake Eden were all there too!

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  • Could You Imagine Owning This Personal Wine Butler Robot?

    Are you looking to take your wine hobby to the next level? Nothing could make you feel fancier than hiring your own personal wine butler bot! This nifty little invention promises to upgrade the way your drink wine at home. Part wine-tap, part robotic wine sommelier, this gadget will suggest and pour wine for you […]

  • Some Hilarious Masturbation Euphemisms From Around The World

    Ah yes, masturbation… It’s the one activity we all do, and it’s also the one activity we won’t admit to doing. Depending on which country you’re in at the moment, the act may go by a totally different and unique name. For example, in Sweden, you’ll be “waxing the salmon”. Meanwhile, in Romania you’d refer […]

  • Some Of The Hottest Cosplay From This Years New York Comic Con

    New York Comic Con featured awesome cosplay from comic books, movies, tv shows, books, anime and video games. But in among all the characters, villains and superheros there’s a few that really stand out above all others. This clip is quick compilation of some of the best outfits from the event itself. So much fun.

  • Some Of The Worst Tattoos That Will Make You Facepalm

    So, how hard is it to proofread something that is going on your body forever? Secondly, if you made a minor spelling mistake surely your tattoo artist would notice? Or do they simply ink the design you give them? So much confusion and so many terrible outcomes… 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. […]

  • Fake Brands So Bad They’re Good!

    If you go into any supermarket usually you’ll find generic products available alongside regular brands, often at vastly cheaper prices too. So what’s wrong with a bit of competition right? After all, do those corn flakes taste any different because of the logo on the box? But then there are those sneaky manufactures, who ride […]

  • This Is The Most Insane UFO Abduction Prank You Will Ever See!

    You can’t deny the incredible amount of work, time and planning that must of gone into this insanely elaborate prank. It worked a treat too. Those poor people must have been mere seconds away from have a genuine heart attack. Then again who wouldn’t? You’d totally lose your shit as well if this happened to […]

  • The Incredible Illusions And Unexplainable Magic Tricks Of Dynamo

    33-Year-old Steven Frayne, commonly known by his stage name “Dynamo”, is an English magician who constantly astounds and surprises the public with his illusions and tricks. Checkout these 10 impressive magic tricks that will leave you totally confused and awe-stuck. How the hell does he do it?

  • The Woman Who Is Utterly Obsessed With The Colour Pink!

    Meet 42-Year-old Kitten K. Sera who is obsessed with the colour pink. Not only is her home covered floor to ceiling in pink, she admits she hasn’t worn any other colour for 20 years. Now that’s commitment. Her friend describes her room: “I would describe Kitten’s bedroom as a Barbie Doll playland gone bad.”