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  • The Very Naughty And Erotic Tattoos From Sad Amish

    These are the erotic and very naughty tattoos of artist Sad Amish, currently based in Bordeaux, stages naked women in the most extreme and suggestive positions, exploring all the dimensions of physical pleasure. A precise and delicate monochrome work! Some beautiful tattoos for adult eyes, in line with the Erotic Lines, the tattoos of Silly Jane. Via Sad Amish

  • When You Mix Fortune Cookies With Vintage Porn

    Instagram artist and photographer Kalen Hollomon has created strange collages, mixing fortune cookie quotes with portraits of actresses from old vintage porn magazines. Entitled Bigger Plans, this series gives an amazing new dimension, decidedly erotic, to these crappy philosophical phrases that are usually read after some dim sum… Via Itsnicethat

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  • Improbable Funny Fails!

    IN EXTREMIS – bodies with no regret is a fantastic series created by photographer Sandro Giordano, who immortalizes improbable and funny falls into crazy and colorful compositions… A great project to follow on his Instagram account: __remmidemmi You can also see more of his work here. Via Sandro Giordano

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    Enjoy These Horrible Yet Entertaining Bootleg Movie Posters!

    These movie posters were all created by artists in Ghana to promote the travelling movie shows and sell tickets to bootleg screenings of various western and local movies. They range from very close to the original movies to WTF-inducing completely unrelated to the original content. In Ghana, bootlegged movies are certainly a big trade, there is […]

  • Did You Realize Tattoos Are Considered Taboo In Japan?

    When you think of the history of tattoos, many of us conjure images of traditional Japanese tattoos. But though the country is famous for their incredible tattoo art, you might be surprised to learn that tattoos are still largely considered to be a cultural taboo. IT’S A WELL-ESTABLISHED FACT THAT TATTOOS, DESPITE RECENT ACCEPTANCE BY […]

  • Cute Flavoured Pantone Condoms For Some Color In Your Love Life!

    Have a look at these Pantone Condoms, an excellent concept of colorful and flavored condoms to suit any situation! Each color is straight out from the Pantone palette and corresponds to a fruit and flavor, so you can vary the pleasures. A packaging concept that was designed by Russian studio DarkDesignGroup. Via Creapills

  • A Beautiful Pokemon Tribute From Dane Cozens

    I invite you to discover the amazing illustrations by Dane Cozens, starting with his series paying tribute the game Pokémon GO, in which he gives a badass look to the famous monsters of Nintendo. Via geek-art

  • Checkout These Epic Photos Of Nairobi’s Hip Hop Grandpas!

    The Kenyan photographer Osborne Macharia has a knack for perfectly channelling the coolness of the older generation. In his latest project, he has photographed four older men who work as watchmen in Nairobi. And for the portraits, he captured these guys as the 80s hip hop heads they truly are! With the help of a makeup […]

  • The Sexy Game Boy Condom Packs For Retro-Gaming Lovers

    “Sexy Game Boy“, or sex for geeks 😉 is a funny look into 8-bit gaming. Every pack you see below is a Game Boy game, where the condoms are different parodies of classic Game Boy video games. You ahve such classics as : “The Long End of Zelda”, “Dong”, “Bone Zone 2”, “Super Mario Land of […]

  • The First Ever Art Exhibition For Dogs Has Just Opened!

    Renowned British artist and inventor Dominic Wilcox has created a unique art exhibition specifically for dogs. His interactive exhibits include ‘Cruising Canines’ – an open car window simulator, ‘Dinnertime Dreams’ – an oversized 10 foot dog bowl filled to the brim with hundreds of play balls to look like dog food, and ‘Watery Wonder’ – […]