WTF? Handmade Vagina Purses Are A Thing Now?

I must admit at first we thought this simply had to be a joke, but upon closer inspection these vagina purses are actually a real product you can buy!

Handmade by Etsy user NotMadeInChinaSewing (also known a Bec), these quirky purses (known as ‘Vachina’) are designed to hold a few small treasures and any loose change you have.

Every purse comes in different colours and even styles of pubic hair. That way you can mimic your own or choose something that tickles your fancy. You have to admit, it would pretty hysterical to go to pay for the bill only to whip out one of these designs. Just imagine the look on their faces…

So far there’s three different purses to choose from, each with their own unique features:

The Tidy Twat:

A beautifully manicured V design pubic hair zip up pouch, with delicate top stitching and fully lined with your choice of crushed velvet or cotton. This is the most classy of all the Vachinas. She’s timeless and elegant, and wouldn’t be out of place on 5th avenue.

The Overly Manicured Muff:

She’s smooth cotton all over, apart from a little landing strip that extends to the lobster clip. With the option of a “clitoral hood” piercing…. She is the most daring out of all the Vachinas! She’s fun, sassy and a real go-getter!

The 70s Porno Pussy:

She’s big, she’s bold, she’s brash… She may need a double appointment with her waxer one day, but she embraces her hair with a passion! She looks amazing lined with crushed velvet and her zipper and zipper pull just peeking through… It’s retro at its finest!

Each purse comes complete with a lobster clip so you can turn them into bag accessories or even key rings. As for what inspired Bec to create such a funny and controversial fashion accessory she had this to say:

“I was actually pattern drafting a headphones pouch and my pattern testers kept saying that it looked like a vagina, so to “prove them wrong” I made one to deliberately look like a vagina with a pink zipper and with faux fur.

I posted it as a joke on my page to have a laugh and it exploded from there, with in 48 hours I had 55 orders for them! Whatever anyone wants to stuff in their Vachina, that’s up to them.” she explains.

“As one lady said to me ‘men get to be proud of their willies, why can’t women be proud of their vaginas?’ And I think that’s an excellent point.” she adds.

Head over to her Etsy store to check out the full range, price start at $20 (plus shipping).

Via NotMadeInChinaSewing