Could You Imagine Owning This Personal Wine Butler Robot?

Are you looking to take your wine hobby to the next level? Nothing could make you feel fancier than hiring your own personal wine butler bot!

This nifty little invention promises to upgrade the way your drink wine at home. Part wine-tap, part robotic wine sommelier, this gadget will suggest and pour wine for you and your guests!

Did we mention it has a built-in biometric sensors that analyzes each person and offers them the perfect wine selection based on the readings? That’s right, this robot knows what it’s doing. We told you it was fancy.

“Nothing makes you look more high class than having your own butler… unless it’s a futuristic robot butler!” writes the bot’s creators. “The Butler is a robotic wine cellar that is intelligent enough to recommend the perfect wine to you based on personal tastes.”

“It has a biometric sensor that works the magic, differentiating between people, and reading their biorhythm to recommend the best wine. The Butler also doubles up as a table and even a snacks storage, because what’s the point of a butler that doesn’t provide you with the perfect tidbits while you sip your spirit!”

Check out the butler bot here.

Via Yanko Design